Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Cash with a Twist

I don't know about you, but I have such a hard time shopping for boy birthday gifts - probably because I have a very girly girl. Well, I was invited to a birthday party this weekend for a boy who was turning eleven and although I had already decided that money would be the gift, I didn't just want to put some cash in an envelope. I wanted to do something different. So, I poked around on and found this great idea.

I just wrapped dollar bills around chocolate nuggets. I put the dollar nuggets in a bag with some crimped paper and tied it with some twine. I put the whole bag in a gift bag with tissue paper.

Kinda fun, huh? What do you think? At least it's better than a boring envelope!


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  1. That is so sweet! Too bad here in Canada we don't have dollar or two dollar bills anymore because I would have to case this idea!

  2. Every boy I know would love this gift. Thanks for sharing such a clever idea!

  3. That is a super fun idea Elisa!! Love it!

  4. This is a totally cool idea! Love it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Every cool idea, never would have thought of this and it looks so neat.



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