Friday, February 19, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Not stamping related, but this is a fun tradition we've been doing for that last few years for when the kids wake up on their birthdays.  They have to bust through this when they come out of their bedrooms.  They look forward to it every year now!  This was my daughter's door on Superbowl Sunday. 

I found this fun treat online and my daughter fell in love with the idea.  It was actually so easy that we made it for her classmates, basketball team, etc.  I found mini ice cream cones at the grocery store, put a regular size marshmallow in it, dipped it in melted chocolate and added sprinkles.  I was able to transport them all in a jalapeno popper holder/cooker.  Bonus!  A fun treat that was different than anything we'd taken to school before.  :)

Thank you Pinterest for these fun and easy ideas to make my kiddos birthday special!

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