Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wonder Woman Birthday

What do you do when your daughter wants a Wonder Woman themed birthday and NO ONE sells Wonder Woman ANYTHING???  Well, you MAKE it of course!! 

If you saw my daughter's Halloween Costume, you'll know she is a big fan of Wonder Woman.  She loves watching the old shows on Sci-Fi Saturday Night.   

Luckily I had these small red paper bags (bought on clearance after Valentines Day who knows when) in my stash along with some leftover white stars from these cards on my desk. After staring at her Wonder Woman shirt for a long time, it hit me - I knew how to make the 'W'.  I die cut the 'W' and then used a retired picture corner punch (cut in half) for the 'wings'.  Voila!  It worked and she was happy!

Now, what do you do when you need a Wonder Woman cake for the birthday party?  MAKE it of course.  Well, not really.  I found this 'super-hero looking' cake at Wal-mart and added a Wonder Woman Little People figurine.  Phew!  Mission Accomplished!
Does that make me Wonder Wo-MOM?   :)

1 comment:

  1. Elisa, Love your Wonder Woman party stuff. You definitely are Wonder MOM!
    Mary (aka Muffin's Mama)



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