Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snickers Birthday Cake

The principle at my daughter's elementary school had a milestone birthday last year.  Each class was assigned an item and were giving her SIXTY of that item.  My daughter's class was tasked with giving her SIXTY SNICKERS.  The teacher asked if I could come up with a creative way to present the Snickers and this is what I came up with!  What do you think? 

It's similar to, but MUCH bigger than, this Nugget Cake I made for a teacher a few years ago.  I had asked for the kids to bring snack sized bars, but I got a variety of sizes, so I added them anywhere I could!

A view from the top!  That's a lot of candy!
I used the same process as I do when I make a diaper cake.  See all of my diaper cakes HERE, HERE and HERE.   

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